Broccoli and Stilton Soup

Another Keep-It-Simple-Stupid soup. No more than an onion, with plenty broccoli, and a bit of Stilton. I reckon on four parts broccoli (by weight), to one part cheese. This gives a bit of bite in the mouth; and the cheese serves to complement the broccoli, rather than overpower it. (more…)

Lamb Hearts

A good butcher should be like the family fishmonger – once found, nurtured as a friend for keeps.

I’m lucky to have an excellent halal butcher just down the road from me. Bless him and his staff, their meat is always good … aye, but they’re not “bilingual” in the languages of butchery. (more…)

Mutton Nihari

My kind of meat stew – once tried in a Bradford restaurant, and not forgotten. The meat was a cheap (the best!) cut, cooked VERY long and slow to fall apart, with the bones for maximum flavour.

Served simply, with naan or chapati, and a garnish of fresh coriander leaves, slivers of ginger, and lemon wedges.