I’d been using drained yoghurt to make my Cheesecakes and Smoked Salmon Parcels for years before I discovered it was actually a Lebanese cheese recipe – the easiest cheese in the world to make. And you can do a few other things with it too.


  • 1 (or more!) large tub Greek Yoghurt (NOT low fat; EVER.)


  • Line a colander or sieve with muslin (or a clean tea towel, kitchen roll, or coffee filter paper). Put the yoghurt in to drain for at least 24 hours. And that’s it.


  • Tip #1 – don’t put too much yoghurt in one colander or sieve. You want as much of the whey to drain as possible.
  • Tip #2 – keeping it in the fridge to drain gives a milder labneh – good for the Lemon Cheesecake; leaving it out at room temperature gives a tangier flavour – better for savoury dishes, like Lasagne, Salmon Parcels, and Smoked Fish Paté.
  • Tip #3 – leaving it to drain for up to 3 days gives you a labneh firm enough to “pickle”. Yes – Pickled Cheese.

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