CRISP Fried Onions

One of those desperately simple things that can be so disappointing. Soggy fried onions on Koshari or Ful Medammes? Yeeeuk!


  • Onions. How many? Whichever is the smaller number – as many as you can bear to peel and slice, or will fill your wok. (Don’t worry about having too many – you can store the fried onions for future use.)
  • Oil

Method – t’ain’t rocket science.  But it IS magic!

  • Peel your onions, halve, and slice – so thinly that the crescents are almost transparent (and a bit thinner if you can).
  • “Fry” them “dry” in a frying pan or wok – without oil; this is to purely to remove excess moisture.  (Or dry on baking sheets in a moderate oven for 5-10 minutes.)
  • Add a few tablespoons of oil to fry the onions on a medium low or low heat (you want a gentle but sustained sizzle; never too hot, or smoking).  Cook until they have reached a fairly uniform golden colour. Stir occasionally. [Too little stirring, and some will burn. Too much stirring, uneven cooking and lose some crispness.]
  • And switch off the heat. The onions will continue to brown for a bit.
  • Remove the onions and allow them to drain in something like a sieve or colander. Not on kitchen roll – you want the air to circulate around them as they cool, so that they crispen up.
  • When completely cool, store any you don’t want to use immediately in an air-tight container in the fridge, or bags in the freezer, for a few days.

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