Cod Roe

A glorious seasonal treat, only available in late January and February. So delicate it’s a shame to do too much to them, or add any extra flavours. Just enjoy their fresh slightly salty taste.


  • 1 fresh cod’s roe
  • and nothing else? Nope.


  • Wash the roe, and place in a large saucepan; cover with lightly salted water, and bring to a very gentle boil.
  • Simmer for 25 minutes, or more – it depends very much on the size of the roe.
  • Drain, and cool.

And enjoy!

  • Spread as it is on buttered thin-cut brown toast, with just a little squeeze of lemon.
  • Cut into 1.5cm slices, and fry gently in butter until just coloured. Superb with
    • potatoes, mashed with parsley or dill;
    • a fried egg or two;
    • or (special!) as a February Sunday breakfast – with a Glamorgan Sausage or two and a fried egg.


  • They will keep (covered) in the fridge for three to four days; or the poached roe can also be frozen.

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