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Potato Pizza

I came across this recipe; thought it sounded … odd. Couldn’t work, could it?

Two soul foods in one? That soft flavoursome combination of potato and onion from a hot pot … on a pizza, with potatoes crisped on top? And it does indeed work, superbly well. As a light lunch or supper, served hot or warm, with just a simple salad to accompany.

A brief aside – any president or politician seeking to improve their ratings would do well to follow the President of Iceland. 97% approval? No surprise, given his common-sense opposition to pineapple on pizza. A wise man.


Potato Soups

Simple goodness. Hearty, winter-defying, and infinitely variable. Needs only some good home-made bread or rolls, or oatcakes – and a chunk of good cheese.

As with my favourite version, Cullen Skink, it’s never the same twice running, depending on your choice of potato – floury for a smoother and thicker soup, new (unpeeled) for “chunky-and-chewable”. (more…)