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Mrs Weasley’s Rock Cakes

Simple, easy, and hard to beat.

I’m old enough that Rock Cakes make me think of austerity post-war Britain, short of eggs and sugar. Or 1960s domestic science classes, where girls were taught to cook (and came home to pass on their skills to their brothers).

My own children though – they think of Mrs Weasley! (more…)

Scotch Broth

Classic winter warmer, infinitely variable but always warming the body, and comforting the soul.

Serve with a sprinkling of curly parsley. Aye, and a hunk of bread; “doorsteps” only please. Slices at least an inch thick. Butter them if you wish.

But …

  • no new-fangled fripperies like croutons here.  If you’re tempted, by all means make some, but consign them to the cat’s litter tray.
  • and no garlic. I love the stuff – but there are limits. I don’t care what it might add to the complex meld of flavours. Just not here, not ever.