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Beef Barbacoa

Profuse apologies to Revolutionario in Los Angeles – this is a poor reflection of their superb cooking … aye, I remember that meal! (more…)

Mutton Scrag (Neck)

Or lamb … but mutton’s better!

“My” butcher down the road, bless him, has just started stocking mutton and lamb necks. Guess he saw me coming, sucker that I am for the tastiest bits at the tail ends of the animal ;-P. (more…)


The Good Lord was wise in his creation. Took a few days to get it right, but you gotta give it to him – he made a damned good job of the cow. All those steaks and joints and all. Good beef for frying and grilling and stewing. Keeps foodies and carnivores the world over quiet.

But he hid the BEST in the bit nobody wants to eat, at the cheap end … (more…)