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Chickpeas and Chard/Spinach

Nothing fancy, just a serendipitous combination. Simple, good eating, and satisfying – for the belly, the palate, and the eye.

Two tricks.

  • Add fresh chard (which is much nicer, if you can get it/grow it), or spinach just before serving. You want it wilted – maybe only a minute for spinach, a couple of minutes more for chard – still green, still “fresh and vibrant”, but soft enough to “coat” the chick peas.
  • And thyme to flavour the tomato sauce.



I remember the kitchen in Sanaa where I first made this; couldn’t get lasagne sheets, Ricotta,or Mozzarella in Yemen. And that particular day, after I’d spent hours hand making fresh lasagne … there wasn’t any fresh spinach in the souq around the corner.