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Cairo street food. Gut-splittingly satisfying. And simple.

On the street in Egypt, the vendor will have three enormous trays, with cooked macaroni, cooked rice, and cooked brown lentils; and three pots/dishes of a tomato-based sauce, golden brown onions (“dried and fried” to crisp perfection), and a flavoursome fiery hot chilli sauce to add if the customer wishes.

It’s a wonderful culinary ballet; watching the Mu’allim (Boss) juggling his staff, to ensure all the component pots are constantly replenished, while tossing together the main ingredients in a bowl for each customer.  All in the fragilely good-natured frenzy of a Cairo fast-food lunch stop. (more…)



Another memorable meal – this time one generously shared by a farmer near Akhmim, in Upper Egypt. Sadly, I haven’t yet managed to replicate his recipe to match my memory of it.  Green.  Aromatic.  And superbly delicious. (more…)