Month: December 2016

Ginger Icecream with Kumquats

Made for Christmas one year. Takes a bit of time to make/prepare. But so what … it’s special, so you can do it weeks in advance, and just pull it out of the freezer on the day (about 45 minutes before serving). (more…)


Black Beans (KISS!)

I want a couple of cups of cooked Black Beans for a Christmas dish (no more on that yet). I have bought a bag, soaked and boiled them, but (after setting aside what I really want to use) have a couple of containers in the freezer.

Dilemma. (more…)

Chickpeas and Chard/Spinach

Nothing fancy, just a serendipitous combination. Simple, good eating, and satisfying – for the belly, the palate, and the eye.

Two tricks.

  • Add fresh chard (which is much nicer, if you can get it/grow it), or spinach just before serving. You want it wilted – maybe only a minute for spinach, a couple of minutes more for chard – still green, still “fresh and vibrant”, but soft enough to “coat” the chick peas.
  • And thyme to flavour the tomato sauce.